Bagel House Café

Two friends, one passion: a solid base for unlimited creativity. Bagel House Cafe is built upon the life experiences of its two founders, who, for the love of their craft, turned their passion into a reality.

The Bagel

The bagel is the essence of our inspiration. We get the bread straight from the home of the Bagel, New York City, and transform it into something wonderful. Each bagel is unique and holds a surprise.

The Coffee

How do you imagine your perfect break? Surely with a cup of coffee in your hands. Enjoy the flavour of the world at any time of the day in a great cup of coffee expertly crafted by our barista

The Place

The honest simplicity of our decor, the authentic freshness of our products, and the inspiration that came from across the pond, gave birth to this blend of the classical and the casual, all in one relaxing retro-style location.


Fresh Ingredients

Whether it is our bagels, our coffee, or our juices, we make sure to always use the freshest ingredients so that from the first bite to when you’re licking your fingers, you have a great experience.

Quick Service

We have two counters, one for coffee and one for bagels and juices, so that we can make your order as quickly as possible. Our team is tireless, relentless, and will always greet you with a big smile.

See for yourself

We work 6 days a week. Pop in for a lunch break. Get a juice to go. Stop by with your friends for a hearty coffee. We are always happy to see you.